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✈San Antonio, Texas ►Vacation Travel Guide

✈San Antonio, Texas ►Vacation Travel Guide

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Cops forced to use taser on man at Phoenix restaurant

Man punches officer, hit with stun gun

Hottest Restaurants: Philadelphia

Philly’s food scene has been evolving rapidly with the opening of new dining destinations that are making quality a priority without sacrificing the city’s casual vibe. Check out three restaurants that you shouldn’t miss, from a charming French bistro to an Iron Chef’s new fine-dining project.

Hottest Restaurants: Houston

Houston’s restaurant scene is undergoing somewhat of a renaissance, with a few creative chefs leading the way. To celebrate the launch of Zagat Houston, we headed down to Texas to check out some of the city’s hottest tables. There’s some real innovation happening in this Texas town – take a look at three hot spots in this video, and read more about the town’s restaurant scene here:

24 Chicago Restaurants in 24hrs | Day of Gluttony Episode 2

Two guys: Harry & Bruce. One city: Chicago. The challenge: Conquer 24 restaurants within 24 hours.


Watch as Harry & Bruce plunder 10 cities in the #DayOfGluttony series. The most important rule? They’ve got to consume everything they order. No exceptions. Game on.

01. Eastman Egg —
02. Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe —
03. Sweet Maple Cafe —
04. La Colombe Torrefaction —
05. Mindy’s Hot Chocolate —

06. XOCO —
07. Soups in the Loop —
08. Big Star —
09. Franks ’N’ Dawgs —
10. My Pie Pizzeria —
11. Antique Taco —
12. Piko Street Kitchen—
13. Yum Dum —
14. Carriage House —
15. Tanta —

16. Bow Truss Coffee Roasters —
17. Local Root —
18. Slurping Turtle —
19. Firecakes Donuts —
20. Bottlefork —
21. Tortoise Club —
22. La Sirena Clandestina —
23. The Bedford —
24. The Wieners Circle —

Produced by Double H Production (
Host: Harry Yuan (
Host: Bruce Aguirre
DOP1: Carlo Silvio
DOP2: Blake Brown
Producer: Melinda Lee
Producer: Jennifer Yuan Martin
Sound Tech: Mike Schweda
Sound Tech: Joe Campbell
PA: Connor Price
PA: Alex Cirillo

Antique Taco Guest: Bobby Parrish
Carriage House Guest: Elizabeth Sisson
Local Root Guest: Dessi Parrish
La Sirena Guest: Marissa Marinas
Tanta: Margaret Pak and Jennifer Korinek

Munchies: Animal

Binge eating and wise cracking with the gluttonous duo behind Hollywood’s Animal restaurant.

What happens when a show about the late-night snacking predilections of our favorite chefs takes to the streets of Los Angeles in a 15-passenger van filled to capacity with some of the city’s finest young stars and the two chefs behind one of its best restaurants? The Hollywood Edition of Munchies happens.

What also happens is a stomach-clobbering marriage of usually not-to-be-married foods: well-marbled Korean bbq, vinegar-sopped grilled chicken and fries, tacos de cabeza, tacos al pastor, some ginger ale, a plate of donuts with caramel sauce all over it. In all, one of the finer displays of over-eating we’ve ever witnessed.

Welcome, then, to the Hollywood Edition of Munchies, featuring, among others: Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo of Animal restaurant, Aziz Ansari, Michael Rapaport, Ethan Suplee, Giovanni Reda of, Jeff Miller of, and Zach McGowan of many fine things related to Hollywood.

Watch more episodes of Munchies here:

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Hottest Restaurants: New York City

The hit restaurants just keep on coming in New York City. Check out four must-try eateries defining this town’s culinary scene, from an Iron Chef’s Mediterranean hot spot to a Montreal-meets-New York bagel shop.

Best Tasting Green Smoothie using 3 Ingredients

John from demonstrates how you can make the best tasting green smoothie with only 3 ingredients. In this episode you will learn how to combine whole foods to make a smoothie that will not only taste great but give your body the nutrition it needs. After watching this episode you will know how to open a young coconut as well as what type of greens work best in a green smoothie.