Restaurant Owner Builds Custom Home

Beautiful Custom Home Built In Oklahoma

restaurant owner builds custom home in oklahoma

The successful restauranteur behind the success of a restaurant that served similar dishes as Hueys Restaurant has built a sprawling 5,000 square foot home in Edmond Oklahoma. The influence behind this beautiful piece of property came from visions of old French architecture, combined with the modern designs found in the custom homes in Malibu and the Hollywood Hills. We asked Scott how he went about locating the property, how he found the right custom home builder in Oklahoma, and what it took to build this massive home. Below is a brief snippet of our Q&A.

How Did You Come Across That Piece Of Real Estate?

“I contacted a realtor in Edmond, I knew that’s where I wanted to live so I started by seeking out the best local realtors and property developers. It was difficult at first navigating the internet for the right person, my time is precious to me and I don’t have time to waste. When I spoke to Metro First they seemed very competent, answered my calls on time, replied to emails, all around they were prompt with their communications. We ended up on a Skype video call to get some face to face because I was still living out of state at the time and couldn’t meet them in person. Trying to run my restaurant and build a custom home halfway across the country was a difficult task, but I was up to the challenge. Eventually, the team at Metro First located the property that I built on.”

How Long After The Property Was Purchased Did You Being To Build?

“Well, due to the rapid growth of the restaurant and possible expansion into neighboring cities I was forced to hold off on building the home. This was exciting and disappointing at the same time. It was exciting to see the restaurant expanding and gaining popularity within the community, and yet still disappointing to have to wait for construction to start. The best part about it I guess is that it gave my wife and I time to really read the blueprints over thoroughly and continue to customize the home to our liking. All in all, it took almost a year after the property was purchased to begin building our dream home.”

What Went Into Finding The Right Builder?

“It was very similar to finding the realtor, it began with a sequence of phone calls and emails. The company that was most responsive got the majority of our attention. Responsiveness was important, as were testimonials and pictures of finished homes. We really wanted to find a builder that paid close attention to detail and focused on the interior as much as the exterior. When French Construction submitted a proposal that included a video introduction and an awe-inspiring image gallery we knew they were the ones we wanted to go with.”

How Long Did It Take To Build?

“There were a few bumps in the road along the way, most were all fault. We changed our minds a few times on materials used and made mild adjustments along the way on the kitchen and master bedroom/bathroom. When you build a custom home, you realize that this is probably going to be the place you spend the remaining years you have and if you are going to do it, di it right! So those adjustments we made on the fly set the builders back, but they were cool with it, we paid for it.”

Are You Moved In Yet?

“My wife flew out and hired an interior decorator to help get the inside liveable. They have purchased furniture and decorative pieces, but we are not living there yet. We are still getting people in place at the restaurant to manage while we are gone and that has been a task in itself. After we have reliable people in management to take over for us we will make the permanent move into our new home. Oklahoma is where we will spend most of our time, but we will keep a condo in California for our visits out there to check on the restaurants and spend some of the winter months.”

Do You Plan On Opening A Restaurant In Oklahoma?

“Not at the moment, we will need to see how well we can manage the California locations from Oklahoma. If that distance begins to affect the growth of those locations then we may consider franchising those locations to another restauranteur and opening a chain of them out in Oklahoma.”

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The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich 😍😍😍 with eggs, bacon, guacamole, chunky tomato sauce, pepper jack cheese, all on a toasted croissant. Favorite ever. |

Gooooood mooooorning!

Today I bring you one and only one very important message:

This breakfast sandwich is life.

Over-the-top, super-indulgently, borderline-trashed-up, must-make, weekend brunch LIFE. Sleep in, wake up, pull on sweatshirt, assemble bed head top knot, grab coffee, make sandwich.

Breakfast sandwich includes but not limited to:

  • Croissant
  • Bacon
  • Egg (SOFT SCRAMBLE because it changed your life too, right?)
  • Garlic Butter Tomato Sauce
  • Guacamole

I extend all my breakfast sandwich love to any variations of this creation. English muffins. Pepperjack Cheese. Roasted red peppers. Magic Green Sauce.

👆🏼 The essential is obviously the soft scramble, which we talked about at length earlier this week. This is no McD’s breakfast sandwich (although, to be fair, I have been known to eat and love a Sausage Biscuit with Egg in moments of weakness). But no, there are no perfectly formed egg disk here.

We’re talking about super creamy, gently cooked, soft scrambled eggs. Life changing.

👆🏼 Also: since Garlic Butter Tomato Sauce has become a semi-staple in our fridge, obvi, let’s get a swipe of that going in this party.

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich with eggs, bacon, guacamole, chunky tomato sauce, pepper jack cheese, all on a toasted croissant. 😍 Favorite ever. |

In the last month: I’ve made these for myself, then our team, then for our friend Joe when he stayed with us for a few days, and again during the week to make life a little more manageable. Overkill and I care zero percent. ♡

It is just THE ULTIMATE breakfast sandwich.

Go pick up some croissants.

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich with eggs, bacon, guacamole, chunky tomato sauce, pepper jack cheese, all on a toasted croissant. 😍 Favorite ever. |

Crushing hard on that weekend lyfe.

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

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  • Yield: 4 sandwiches
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The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich with eggs, bacon, guacamole, chunky tomato sauce, pepper jack cheese, all on a toasted croissant. 😍 Kinda spicy. Kinda buttery. Kinda crunchy. Totally over the top.


  • 8 eggs
  • 4 slices cooked bacon
  • 4 croissants
  • guacamole
  • pepperjack cheese
  • basic garlic butter tomato sauce


  1. Toast your croissants for a few minutes in a 350 degree oven, cut side down on a cooking sheet. You can also do this in the toaster if your croissants fit in there.
  2. When croissants are toasted and all other ingredients are out and ready, cook up your eggs. SOFT SCRAMBLED, remember?
  3. Assemble sandwiches immediately, while eggs are at their best – a layer of tomato sauce, eggs, cheese, bacon, and guac on top. Holy wow.


You don’t have you use a croissant. An English muffin is also tasty. But, come on.

Did you make this recipe?

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Life Changing Soft Scrambled Eggs

The absolute best soft scrambled eggs of my life! No strange ingredients or methods - just five quick and easy secrets to the best scrambled eggs of your life. |

Here’s the thing: I might be a little dramatic. I might use super-describers like magic and miracle and unbelievable to describe my favorite recipes. Regularly. This is all true.

But when I say life changing soft scrambled eggs? I literally mean life changing.

These eggs changed my life because – please withhold judgement – I used to NOT EAT SCRAMBLED EGGS. I know. I am not a picky eater, but scrambled eggs were one of a total of, like, three ingredients on my food black list.

I’ve always been okay with the other varieties of eggs, including:

  • Poached
  • Fried
  • Hard Boiled — if used in Avocado Egg Salad

But scrambled eggs were always gag city for me until I was introduced to the soft scramble and, obviously, MY LIFE CHANGED FOREVS. I now default to scrambled eggs on what-to-make-for-dinner nights. I now make easy meals with an added bonus of super nutritious protein within 90 seconds. I now feel like a legit home cook.


The absolute best soft scrambled eggs of my life! No strange ingredients or methods - just four quick and easy secrets to the best scrambled eggs of your life. |

Credit for this major life transition into scrambled egg adulthood goes to a few peeps.

  1. Shauna Niequist who made me weak in the knees with her description of soft scrambled eggs with goat cheese in the book Bread & Wine (<- affiliate link). That’s right, I started my journey way back here.
  2. Bon Appetit, who not only wrote a nice post about soft scrambled eggs, but also shared a quick little video of it on their Instagram and made me realize that maybe I *could* like scrambled eggs after all.

The absolute best soft scrambled eggs of my life! No strange ingredients or methods - just five quick and easy secrets to the best scrambled eggs of your life. |

How to Master The Soft Scramble:

  1. The pan. This is key. Please use a high-quality nonstick. It’s the easiest. My preferred brand of nonstick is Swiss Diamond (that’s what we used in the video), but at home, Bjork and I have a cheaper tiny two-egg sized nonstick probably from Target that is just our designated egg pan.
  2. The fat. I know, health and everything, but you really need a little bit of fat in that pan to help the eggs move around. (Also – yum.) I highly recommend butter. We’re not talking about a lot of butter here – just enough to coat the pan and help the eggs hold together in soft, fluffy folds instead of sticking to the pan.
  3. The spatula. A rubber or ideally silicone spatula is a must. The flexibility of the spatula allows you to hug the contours of the pan and get a really clean swipe/fold each time you push the eggs around.
  4. The eggs. Good eggs are worth it. I normally shop at mainstream grocery stores, but my favorite is when I have a chance to pick up eggs from Whole Foods because they source them from local farmers and the eggs are vibrant and beautiful. Same idea if you have access to a farmers market, a homestead-y friend, a chicken… egg quality matters.
  5. The heat level. We want MEDIUM LOW heat going on for these eggs. Too hot and they’re going to get dried out, or, I hate to even say it, browned. Keep that heat high enough to get ‘em cookin, but low enough to keep the creaminess.

Like so. 👇🏼

The absolute best soft scrambled eggs of my life! No strange ingredients or methods - just four quick and easy secrets to the best scrambled eggs of your life. |

What does a person do with a soft scramble? Allow me.

  • served solo
  • served on toast
  • served in bowls
  • served in epic breakfast sandwiches loaded with bacon and guacamole

Today is your day. Prepare for the soft scramble to change your liiife.

Epic breakfast sandwich ft. the best scrambled eggs of your life. |

Watch how to make our Soft Scrambled Eggs:

Life Changing Soft Scrambled Eggs

5 from 7 reviews

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  • Yield: 2
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These soft scrambled eggs are so easy and SO dreamy! Four quick and easy secrets to the best scrambled eggs of your life.


  • 4 eggs
  • 1/2 tablespoon butter
  • salt to taste


  1. Melt the butter in a medium sized non-stick skillet over medium low heat. We want the butter to pretty much coat the whole pan.
  2. Whisk the eggs. When the butter is just barely bubbling, add the eggs to the pan directly in the center so that the butter gets pushed out to the sides. ZERO STICKAGE. This is good.
  3. Watch for the edges to just barely start to set, and then gently swipe a spatula around the edges of the pan to create large soft curds. Don’t flip the curds over. Continue this process, pausing in between to allow time for the eggs to cook but working quickly enough so as not to overcook the eggs, just gently pushing/folding the liquid eggs to form curds. The entire process should take 2-3 minutes or less.
  4. When the eggs are barely set and you have some big folds of heavenly soft scrambled eggs laying in the pan, remove from heat. Serve on a breakfast sandwich or with your bowls or just by themselves. SO. AMAZINGLY. GOOD.


When in doubt, go lower with the heat. The eggs will go from perfect to overcooked in a matter of seconds so watch it closely!

More pushing around in the pan = more tiny pieces of eggs. I like the bigger soft-cooked pieces so I try to reduce my amount of spatula-pushing.

WATCH THE VIDEO. It helps to show the process and what the eggs should look like.

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I Started a Dinner Club and It Changed My Life

Three years ago, I read a book, got inspired, and started a dinner club. End of story. Kinda.

It wasn’t a book about dinner clubs necessarily, but the author wrote bits and pieces about her dinner club, and the value of those lifelong relationships, and the really good food they bonded over, and I was like: hold on. just wait a second. I NEED ONE OF THOSE AND HOW DO I GET THAT IN MY LIFE.

Our first dinner club was in December of 2014. Since then, we have tried to get together monthly – or close to it – for a really good meal, cooked by all of us, and lots of conversation ranging from the more serious and vulnerable hardships in our lives to hilarious and self-deprecating stories that make us laugh until we cry.

I have these beautiful, funny, food-loving people in my life that I get to call my really good friends all because of dinner club.

How Starting a Dinner Club Changed My Life |

So this is the “changed my life” part.

If you’ve been reading the blog for the last year or so, you know that on January 1st, 2017, my husband Bjork and I lost our infant son Afton after a premature delivery and an otherwise healthy pregnancy. We spent a week in the hospital and about 15 hours with our baby in the NICU before he passed away in my arms.

That time – well, this entire year, actually – has been a complete blur. It is really, really, really hard to bounce back from something like that, and I don’t know, even as I write that it feels too trite. Heal? Yes. “Bounce back?” I don’t think that’s a thing.

This is really why I’m writing this post. It’s because the friendships developed over shared meals are the very same ones that have lifted me up in this really dark season of my life. And the magic?

We became friends because of dinner club.

That first night in December of 2014 when we all sat down around my table, looking awkwardly at each other in that WHAT IS THIS kind of way? That was the first night we met each other. It was the start of our collective food-based friendship, which then went on to support me through the loss of my son and, I hope, will go on to support each of us as life shapes our stories.

As a result of spending the last two years sharing meals and stories and laughter together, this group acted as our first responders when things fell apart. They cried with me in my lowest of lows – in the hospital just hours after we lost Afton. They brought meals. They sent flowers. They gave me support on hard days when I needed it (Afton’s due date, Mother’s Day, my birthday) and they gave me space when it was too emotional for me to be around their new babies. They didn’t judge me for avoiding certain situations and showed me grace when I needed to bow out of hosting at the last minute.

This hodge-podge group of girls (women? ladies? I am always conflicted with these terms) with different families, different personalities, different jobs, different politics and views on the world… the ones who didn’t know each other three years ago?

They are now some of my very best friends.

On a very serious note, THANK YOU, GNOCCHI.

How Starting a Dinner Club Changed My Life |

I firmly believe that we all want in on this. We all want connection. But most of us are just waiting to be invited. 

Idea: what if you were the one to send the invite? I don’t know, crazy, maybe, but why not?

I know some of you are thinking: I wish I had a close group of friends like that / I wish people were there to support me on my hard days / I wish I could stuff my face with tacos and drink a grapefruit margarita and then laugh at funny stories until I cry.

And I am here to say: You can have that. There’s nothing special about us – we just committed sharing good food once a month and developed these deep and supportive relationships as a result. Send the invite.

Most people want in. They are just waiting to be invited.

Also most people love saucy homemade chicken marsala and freshly tossed Italian summer salad and tangy artichoke dip and earthy red wine and buttery raspberry crisp. Even if the table talk gets awkward for two seconds, THINK OF THE FOOD.

How Starting a Dinner Club Changed My Life |

When I mentioned my dinner club on my stories last week, so many of you (like, hundreds 😳) reached out and asked for more information on dinner club – how it started, what we do, and how you can start one, too. This is my return message back to all of you! My thoughts on starting a dinner club.

4 Basic Steps for Starting a Dinner Club:

  1. Choose the invitees. At this point you are the organizer, so you are the one to pick the invite list. Ideally these are people who love food. Anywhere from 6-10 people is a good number, but an odd number works too – we have 7 people in our dinner club. Ours is a girls-only club (my “girls” dilemma resurfaces once again but I really despise the term “ladies-only” so just let me have this one), but mixed company would be awesome, too.
  2. Choose who will host. This can be a set location or it can rotate. As the event organizer, I’ve found it easiest to host at my own house. I have probably the smallest house of all of us, but I’m the only one of us who doesn’t have kids, which makes the logistics of a late dinner party a little more manageable. So in our dinner club, I host almost every time.
  3. Choose your menu. In our dinner club, the host (me!) makes the main dish, so I often determine the direction of the menu. Once I send out the “it’s Taco Night!” text, everyone else chimes in saying what they’re bringing. Our main categories are: Appetizer, Drinks, Main Dish, Salad, Bread/Carbs, and Dessert. It really depends on the night, but usually most people show up with their recipes already made. We eat apps and have drinks while putting finishing touches on recipes, and then dinner is served!
  4. Repeat. Send out the email inviting everyone back! Repeat indefinitely.

A Few Dinner Club Rules:

Every person should know one other person. It’s easier to be fun and social if you know you will know at least one other person – this avoids anyone becoming the weirdo who spends 15 minutes talking about x-y-z only to find that everyone thinks they are totally bonkers. Not a good moment. For our dinner club, everyone knew me and one other person. I chose two friends from college, two friends from my blogging network, and two friends from church. I wanted people to be able to be semi-comfortable right off the bat, and I feel like the know-one-other-person rule helps to make people feel less intimidated.

Choose a consistency and stick to it. If you’re just starting, you don’t have to ask people to commit. I think I might have asked people to commit, but I’m awkward. That was probably annoying of me to do. I think you could just say, hey! I read this amazing blog post (why, thank u ❤️) about starting a dinner club and it’s something I’d like to try to do in 2018. Do you guys want to come over and give it a try with me? That implies that this could be more than a one-time dinner party but doesn’t make anyone feel obligated to continue coming in the unlikely event that they come and cannot handle the social-ness. Once you find your core group, I do think it’s helpful to have a consistency. Ours is once a month, although on busy months it gets to be more like once every two months. I set a recurring reminder in my calendar to remind myself to schedule it.

Use a scheduling tool. Please, for the love of overflowing inboxes everywhere, avoid hundreds of texts and email back and forth to set a date and just send everyone a Doodle link. I learned this way too late.

Make the recipe at least once. I broke my own rule for dinner club last week with that chicken parm and it turned out great, but it was chaotic and I found myself trying to drink wine and eat artichoke dip while simultaneously pounding, breading, and frying seven giant chicken breasts. This rule is not so much for the quality of the recipe as it is for your overall peace of mind. If you’ve made this recipe before and you know what you’re doing, you won’t have to be glued to your phone the entire evening as you measure and chop and fry while trying to have meaningful conversation with friends.

Make a recipe that can be done in advance. Especially for your first time, and/or if you have a small kitchen, it might be in your best interest to have something that can be baking up in the oven or simmering on the stove when everyone arrives. AKA LOW MAINTENANCE. Breading, deep frying in batches, and baking all while trying to entertain is like Level 100 Dinner Club. Don’t start there. Just keep it simple and try to plan as much as you can in advance so when people come you can just eat chips and hang out like the chill person that you are.

Jump out of work a few hours early. I used to be a teacher so I realize this is not doable for everyone. But. If it IS doable for you, block out half of your afternoon schedule so you can get everything ready. I do this EVERY TIME I host dinner club.

Let people help you. Last week my friends just started cleaning up while I was still sitting at the table. I tried to protest for like 1/100th of a second and then I was like, YOU ARE AMAZING AND THANK YOU SO MUCH. They loaded the dishwasher and got a start on the dishes before dessert. Amazing. So helpful. Don’t be too cool to accept help with prep or cleanup, otherwise you will be so tired that you won’t ever want to host dinner club again.

Embrace imperfection. The second dinner club I ever hosted was curry night – I made this amazing beef and potato yellow curry from scratch, and as we passed the rice around I noticed my friend kind of brushing something to the side of her plate. A weird piece of rice? I thought. Maybe a speck of parsley? OH NO. Not even close. You guys, it was a hair. One of my super long, straight, brown, renegade ponytail hairs in. her. rice. I have no words even to this day. All manner of cool and experienced and trustworthy cleanliness was gone. Guess what? She has still come back every month for dinner club for the last three years. You’ll overcook the chicken, you’ll run out of clean dishes, your beautiful long hair will end up in the rice… these things are all going to happen. You’ll all be fine.

How Starting a Dinner Club Changed My Life |

Menus To Get You Started!

Chicken Parm Menu

  • Appetizer: Artichoke Dip
  • Main: Chicken Parmesan
  • Salad: Italian Summer Salad
  • Side: Penne pasta tossed with ricotta and red sauce
  • Bread: No Knead Bread
  • Dessert: Raspberry Crisp
  • Drinks: Wine

Shrimp Tacos Menu:

  • Appetizer: Elotes Dip
  • Main: Beer Battered Shrimp Tacos with Garlic Lime Slaw
  • Side: Chips and Guac
  • Salad: Mexican Salad
  • Drinks: Grapefruit Margaritas

Arepas Menu:

  • Appetizer: Chips and Guac
  • Main: Arepas with Sweet Potato and Pork
  • Salad: Sweet Potato Black Bean Salad
  • Side: Cabbage and Sweet Corn Slaw
  • Side: Salsas
  • Dessert: Ice Cream
  • Drinks: Mojitos

Gnocchi Menu:

  • Appetizer: Bacon Wrapped Dates with Goat Cheese and Bacon Wrapped Asparagus
  • Main: Homemade Gnocchi
  • Sauce: Bolognese
  • Sauce: Creamy Mushroom
  • Sauce: Walnut Pesto
  • Bread: Pumpkin Challah
  • Salad: Toasted Bread and Parmesan Kale Salad
  • Drinks: Wine

How Starting a Dinner Club Changed My Life |

Do you have a dinner club? For how long? With who? What do you love about it? Tell me everything. ❤️

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Basic Garlic Butter Tomato Sauce

Basic Garlic Butter Tomato sauce made with cherry tomatoes, garlic, balsamic, and butter. SO simple, good on everything. 👌🏼 |

Hey! I’m Lindsay.

I make a lot of garlic butter tomato sauce and put it on mostly everything.

What else do you wanna know?

It’s funny how this works, isn’t it? The week I made this tomato sauce for the first (and second) (and third) time, I had at least 500 neighbors and friends and relatives reach out to me and ask if I wanted some of their overflow garden tomatoes, knowing completely nothing of my new tomato sauce obsession.  A little braggy of them, if you ask me, but yes, I would like your tomatoes. I may not be much good at growing my own, but I can rock the homemade garlic butter tomato sauce game.

And speaking of. Is it really tomato sauce or more of a luscious one-pan-magic type of situation? These are the important questions in my life.

Basic Garlic Butter Tomato sauce made with cherry tomatoes, garlic, balsamic, and butter. SO simple, good on everything. 👌🏼 |

Basic Garlic Butter Tomato sauce made with cherry tomatoes, garlic, balsamic, and butter. SO simple, good on everything. 👌🏼 |

A week or so ago I made this garlic butter tomato sauce on my Instagram stories and a) LOVED your responses, and b) got asked this question: can you remove the skins and seeds?

This brings us to a very important fork in the road: if you are not big on skins and seeds, it’s time to swipe left.

I’m not saying it to be mean. I’m just saying that the entirety of the sauce is made from cherry tomatoes, which are made up of 95% skins and seeds, so if you were to take all of that out, there wouldn’t be much sauce left. Blessings for your journey, seed-hating friends. We will see you next time.

Meanwhile, those of us who fall more into the Humans Who Like Eating All The Things category will carry on with skins (blistered, just a little bit, because we fancy) and seeds in our “sauce” which, as we’ve established, is not really sauce.

Chutney? Spread? What exactly do we call something of this velvety texture?

Basic Garlic Butter Tomato sauce made with cherry tomatoes, garlic, balsamic, and butter. SO simple, good on everything. 👌🏼 |

As with most of my favorite recipes, this one is very forgiving and adaptable. So if you truly want this to be a garlic butter tomato sauce for your pasta, girl, get after it. Just use some broth or water (or this is just coming to me right now – RED WINE?) to spread it even further.

On the flip side, if you adore eggs on toast or roasted potatoes or grilled chicken or similar, and you like a little sumthin to thwap on top (think Magic Green Sauce style)? SWIPE RIGHT and let’s match. Is that what people say? I’m acting like I know dating apps right now.

Just…what I’m trying to say is you want this one. Exactly as written. It is thick, chunky, just a little tangy – hello there, balsamic – and packed with flavor thanks to some spicy garlic and a knob of butter to finish.

Bonus thing that deserves mention: everything tomato sauce + breakfast sandwich combo is not to be messed with.

Basic Garlic Butter Tomato sauce made with cherry tomatoes, garlic, balsamic, and butter. SO simple, good on everything. 👌🏼 |

Basic Garlic Butter Tomato Sauce

4.8 from 12 reviews

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  • Yield: 1 cup sauce
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  • 2-ish cups cherry tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • salt to taste


  1. Place the tomatoes in a nonstick skillet over medium high heat with NO OIL IN THE PAN. We are trying to blister the outsides of the skins a little bit here.
  2. Once the skins get a little blistered and the tomatoes are looking soft, turn the heat down to avoid lots of splatter, and add the olive oil and garlic. Be careful not to brown the garlic.
  3. Press the tomatoes gently with the back of a wooden spoon so they break open and release their juices. Add the balsamic and let the whole mixture reduce until it’s thickened a bit, maybe 5-10 minutes.
  4. Finish with the knob of butter and season with salt to taste.


If you want a thinner sauce to go on pasta, add 1/2 cup or so of water just after adding the balsamic and just let it cook down a bit.

Fresh basil would be a good decision.

Did you make this recipe?

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Back To School 5-Ingredient Green Curry

5-Ingredient Green Curry! packed with tons of veggies, an easy green curry sauce, and finished with golden raisins and cilantro. Easy! |

Let’s talk about how awesome it is to eat vegetables that taste like cash money.

I mean, not literally, just in the way of, like, you know, when it tastes like, really good, like something that might cost you a lot of cash money, or has the same positive association of money, not that money is everything but, like… gah. You know what I mean.

Have you started school again? Or your kids? O your kids’ kids? Or you’re the teacher? Or you work from home and you’re looking out the window to borrow some back-to-school vibes from the kiddos in backpacks walking to the bus? Back-to-school is upon us all. See also: OH. MY. GOSH.

It sounds so basic to say that I can’t believe that it’s already that time of year – probably because it IS so basic. It’s what I say every season, every year. But with the upheaval and constant grief of this last year, time just feels especially weird. Like it’s been both too slow and too fast all at once. But as usual, time ticks on, and that is, I guess, is how you find yourself staring down the completed ravaged back-to-school section at Target wondering why the pencils are already out because didn’t summer just start? Here we go again.

I’m making it sound like this is a bad thing, but I actually adore everything about the fall season. As a former teacher, I think I will always have a little bit of that super zealous back-to-school spirit running through my veins. At top of my list of things I love about fall is really, really good food. Like, comforting, cozy, wrapped in a sweater kind of good food. Think ancho turkey chili and cornbread after the first week of school. Carnitas and magic green sauce on game day. Detox lentil soup and no-knead bread for your first official on-time dinner in months.

And think curry.

Green curry. Green curry with some weirdo stuff in it (tofu? golden raisins? sweet potatoes?) that is going to make you feel like you won both the nutritional and yumo-food olympics.

5-Ingredient Green Curry! packed with tons of veggies, an easy green curry sauce, and finished with golden raisins and cilantro. Easy! |

At its core, this is just a playful, easy five-ingredient recipe:

  • Tofu, browned to crispiness – no more, no less
  • Sweet potato chunks
  • Broccoli florets
  • Coconut milk
  • Green curry paste

I added a handful of golden raisins (go on and get wild) and cilantro (WHEN IN DOUBT OBVI) and did not regret either of those very out-of-the-box decisions.

May I also recommend finishing it up salt bae style with a hit of 1) fish sauce, which will make you question everything you ever knew, and 2) brown sugar? Tell me about it, girl.

5-Ingredient Green Curry! packed with tons of veggies, an easy green curry sauce, and finished with golden raisins and cilantro. Easy! |

I thought about making my own green curry paste, but friends, in my googling, I read that many Thai cooks think it’s better to just buy the commercial jarred curry paste than to make your own if you’re going to be making substitutions. Hello. Hi. Good news! Savin’ me some work. And hopefully makes it taste more authentic, according to the internet. I can do that. I can buy up a jar of green curry paste and cook up some curry magic with it.

Words about store bought green curry paste: I used Thai Kitchen green curry paste and found it to be might tasty in this curry. To be fair, I wouldn’t describe the paste itself as write-home level good, but it works for making a green curry real nice and quick with a single, list-less trip to a single, basic grocery store. This is an automatic win. However. Upon further research, I found that many people recommend Mae Ploy brand green curry paste. Any users who can confirm? Leave a comment, you neighborhood curry paste experts.

So for the making of the first 5+ batches of green curry in my life, I used Thai Kitchen green curry paste. But I have, in the last two days, ordered my first little container of Mae Ploy green curry paste – thank you Amazon! – and I will soon get to the bottom of this.

Is Mae Ploy really so much better? Will my green curry go up five hundred percent in deliciousness? Time will tell. (I’ll pop back with an update.)

5-Ingredient Green Curry! packed with tons of veggies, an easy green curry sauce, and finished with golden raisins and cilantro. Easy! |

So here we have it: the first, back-to-school, easy and comfy-cozy recipe of fall.

If steamy rice + creamy green curry + a deep, huggable bowl = fall, I swear I am so ready.

5-Ingredient Green Curry! packed with tons of veggies, an easy green curry sauce, and finished with golden raisins and cilantro. Easy! |

Update 1: As promised, I tried Mae Ploy brand green curry paste and really enjoyed it. However, it is MUCH, much spicier than the one I used in this recipe (Thai Kitchen). If you use Mae Ploy, I would suggest using more like 1-2 tablespoons to start and adding up based on what level of heat you’re comfortable with.

Update 2: I’ve gotten a few comments from people who are wanting to use less coconut milk. That’s totally fine! You could use just one can of coconut milk, for example, and thin the rest out with water or broth of some sort. It is just the difference between a thick and creamy curry (how I like it) or more of a brothy, soupy curry. To be honest, green curry that I’ve had at restaurants is usually soupy, but in making this recipe, I kinda wanted it to stay rich and creamy like a Panang or Massaman curry.

5-Ingredient Green Curry

5 from 7 reviews

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  • Yield: 8-10 (depends on hunger levels)
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5-Ingredient Green Curry! packed with tons of veggies, an easy green curry sauce, and finished with golden raisins and cilantro.


For the Green Curry:

  • 12 ounces firm tofu
  • a swish of olive oil + a sprinkle of salt
  • 2 sweet potatoes, peeled and cubed
  • 4 tablespoons green curry paste (I used Thai Kitchen which can be ordered on Amazon and also often found in the Asian section of many mainstream grocery stores)
  • 3 14-ounce cans coconut milk
  • 3-or-so cups broccoli florets

Optional Extras:

  • a handful of chopped fresh cilantro
  • a handful of golden raisins
  • just a lil fish sauce (trust me!) and brown sugar to taste


  1. Tofu: Press the tofu with paper towels to remove water. Cut tofu into cubes. In a large soup pot, heat the olive oil over medium high heat. Add the tofu, sprinkle with salt, and pan fry for 10-15 minutes, until golden brown. Remove and set aside.
  2. Veggies: Add sweet potatoes, coconut milk, and curry paste to the soup pot. Simmer for 5-10 minutes until potatoes are fork-tender. Add broccoli and tofu. Simmer for 3-5 minutes until broccoli is bright green.
  3. Finishing it off: I like to add a handful of golden raisins and cilantro (I know, I know, lots of levels of weird going on here) and I pinky promise that a quick swish of fish sauce and a sprinkle of brown sugar will take this over the top.


Serve over steamy white rice! But hopefully that’s obvious. 😋

Swap tofu for another protein if you like chicken, shrimp, etc.

If you need this to be 100% vegan, then you will need to check your curry paste label! Many use shrimp paste or other fish products in the paste itself.

Sometimes I make this with two cans of coconut milk, maybe thinned out with some water, and sometimes with three when I want it thick and creamy. It just depends on how much extra “sauce” I want with it and what texture you want the sauce to be.

IF USING MAE PLOY OR MAESRI BRAND CURRY PASTE, USE LESS! I love spicy food, but when we tried it with  Mae Ploy I just about burned my mouth off. Start with 1 tablespoon and work up from there. However, Thai Kitchen brand is much milder and 4 tablespoons is the right amount for that one.

Nutrition information is for the green curry only. It does not include rice.

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Modern Scotcheroos

The classic chocolate-covered peanut butter rice krispie bars --> with 5 ingredients and minimal refined sugar, thanks to a few modern swaps! my go-to for road trip snacks. |” width=”600″ height=”900″ srcset=” 1392w,×300.jpg 200w,×1152.jpg 768w,×900.jpg 600w” sizes=”(max-width: 1392px) 100vw, 1392px”></p>
<p>Sticky-sweet, lightly crispy peanut butter rice krispie mixture topped with a thick layer of melted chocolate and sprinkled with magical flakes of sea salt. That’s all, thank you and goodnight Twin Cities!</p>
<p>Friends, this is the food I was raised on. In the background of every family and school event of my childhood lies a scratched and dented 9×13 of almost-gone scotcheroos. It is simple Midwestern goodness and it should not be messed with.</p>
<p>Except, I did one thing: I messed with it. Whyyyy.</p>
<p>As an anxious person finding her way through the world, I’d say I follow all rules of all places at all times exactly ALL THE TIME, but there is always that pesky 1% of the time at which point I become a rule-breaking, delinquent, rogue recipe “creative.” It is not wise to give me your classic recipes. I am not to be trusted with such precious, unbreakable things. I pinky promise I will take what is written and go off the rails with it.</p>
<p><img class=

Modern Scotcheroos

4.9 from 8 reviews

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The classic chocolate covered peanut butter rice krispie bars, but with minimal refined sugar thanks to a few modern swaps. It’s a peanut butter meets chocolate situation, so obviously, your people will love you.


  • 1 cup brown rice syrup <- order on Amazon because you’re a queen and Amazon is life
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup real maple syrup
  • 6 cups brown rice krispies
  • 1 24-ounce bag of dark chocolate chips
  • a generous pinch of flaked sea salt <- again, may I suggest Amazon


  1. Rice Krispie Mixture: Melt brown rice syrup, peanut butter, and maple syrup in a large pot until a smooth mixture forms. Add a pinch of sea salt and stir in the brown rice krispies. Remove from heat and press into a 9×13 pan.
  2. Chocolate Topping: Melt chocolate chips gently and slowly (preferably in a double boiler, or, in my case, a random stainless steel bowl fitted inside a pot of simmering water, but microwave or regular saucepan works, too). Pour chocolate over the rice krispie mixture and sprinkle again – !! – with sea salt because you don’t want to hate your life. Rest at room temperature until chocolate is set and watch them disappear.


I usually get my brown rice krispies at Whole Foods (store brand), but you can also just use regular rice krispies if you can’t find the brown rice version.

I tried subbing honey in place of the brown rice syrup and/or maple syrup and did not love it. It works texturally, but it is so overwhelmingly sweet. Like, make-your-teeth-hurt sweet. This coming from someone with a pretty high tolerance for sweets. I’d highly recommend sticking with the brown rice syrup which has a nice sticky texture but a much less dramatic sweetness to it.

These travel so well! We take them everywhere with us in the summer – parties, road trips, etc.

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Here’s an original scotcheroo recipe for the sake of comparison.
This post contains affiliate links to the brown rice syrup and flaked sea salt on Amazon!

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The Best Detox Broccoli Cheese Soup
This recipe is sponsored by Almond Breeze.

Truly though, it is the best. Creamy, cheesy-like without cheese, velvety and rich, and just all-around delicious. Kind of like a soup that gives you a hug for lunch, when it is, in fact, A SALAD in disguise!

No? Too awkward?

In addition to being creamy and velvety and absolutely gorgeous in texture, it is super nutritious, hence the detox title. Just pause to think of the rainbow of veggies in here: sauteed onions, celery, carrots, potato, and broccoli simmered with a little bit of vegetable broth and almondmilk, pureed to smooth cheesy-like perfection. That is my kind of salad. Soup. Whatever.

Those olive oil pan fried croutons don’t hurt the cause, either. I mean, if your detox doesn’t include fried bread, who are you really?

Watch how to make our Detox Broccoli Cheese Soup (1 min):

THE BEST detox broccoli cheese soup has silky smooth texture and classic broccoli cheese flavor with exactly zero ingredients out of a can. Real food meets comfort food. vegan / gluten free / vegetarian. |

Detox-ing isn’t really a verb in my life, but I *do* try to do some clean-eating resets after particularly fun food weekends. Wink wink.

Bjork and I try to generally eat healthy, real foods and not totally overdo it – say, 5 out of 7 days of the week? Which, when I write it out, doesn’t seem like it should be that hard, but it translates to needing food prepped and ready to go which is something that, as a food blogger, I’m strangely not very good at. I’d like to say it’s just because I’m very busy working so hard that I don’t have time to plan and prep for our “normal” healthy food, but I think there’s also that weird phenomenon of I-do-this-for-work-so-I-want-to-go-out-for-dinner kind of thing going on. Pizza tonight? Oh, wait – what about sushi? Crunchy rolls? Please? The point I’m making here: a) I have classy taste in sushi. and b) meal prep can be a challenge for me.

You know what’s really great, though? It’s soup season. ALMOST. We’re sitting right on the edge of it. And soup season, for me, is doable. I can make soup once a week – I enjoy it, actually – and that translates beautifully to “meal prep” for the week because soups are transportable, reheatable, and can easily be made healthy – with good ingredients, spices, whole foods, and lots of vegetables.

You know that feeling when it’s 10am and you have been at work for one hour and you remember that in two hours you get to eat lunch AND YOUR LUNCH IS BOSS?

That is this soup.

THE BEST detox broccoli cheese soup has silky smooth texture and classic broccoli cheese flavor with exactly zero ingredients out of a can. Real food meets comfort food. vegan / gluten free / vegetarian. |

In addition to broccoli as the star, obvi, we’ve got a whole lotta Almond Breeze keeping this creamy and smooth for us while also staying dairy free. I am not dairy free, but when I do a healthy eating reset, or my own version of a detox, I like to press pause on dairy for a few days.

Enter: creamy, unsweetened, original nutty almondmilk.

It’s perfect in non-dairy savory dishes like this red pepper pasta and this summer corn chowder that is still the object of my dreams.

THE BEST detox broccoli cheese soup has silky smooth texture and classic broccoli cheese flavor with exactly zero ingredients out of a can. Real food meets comfort food. vegan / gluten free / vegetarian. |

A word about a newish ingredient we have on the loose in this soup: nutritional yeast. Have you heard of it?

It’s a deactivated yeast that is sold at health food stores. It looks like flakes. Borderline like fish food. Wait! Mom, don’t hang up.

It is yellow in color and it’s known for having a cheesy, creamy, nutty flavor to it, which makes it the perfect complement to our already-nutty Almond Breeze and also gives us a boost of cheese flavor without needing dairy-cheese. It’s got lots of vitamins and stuff (google) and it is YUM CITY but if you can’t find it, not a big deal. I made this soup at home the other night without nutritional yeast and it was still creamy and luscious and cheesy in the best non-cheesy possible way.

THE BEST detox broccoli cheese soup has silky smooth texture and classic broccoli cheese flavor with exactly zero ingredients out of a can. Real food meets comfort food. vegan / gluten free / vegetarian. |

Hey you over there, wearing the cozy sweater even though it’s slightly too warm for that in August – yes, you! I made this one for you. Let’s embrace the soup season!

And this soup in return will love you back with all its veggie, nutritious, almost-cheesy goodness. ❤️

THE BEST detox broccoli cheese soup has silky smooth texture and classic broccoli cheese flavor with exactly zero ingredients out of a can. Real food meets comfort food. vegan / gluten free / vegetarian. |

One last thing for ya. Almond Breeze wants to hear from YOU SPECIFICALLY – yes, you – our Pinch of Yum readers! They’ve put together this quick survey to learn a little more about you guys, who you grocery shop for, and what you do or don’t like about almond milk. It’s like speed dating, but better. ALSO there’s cash money to be had: when you fill out the survey, you’ll be entered in a giveaway for a chance to win one (1) $100 VISA gift card. 🤑

How to enter:

  • Click here to take the survey. Then leave a comment saying “I took the survey!” We’ll pick the winner from the comments on this post.
  • That’s all. Too easy. I did not need a bulleted list.

Survey/Giveaway is open to US residents only. Giveaway will close on Thursday, August 31 at 11:59 PM CST and we will contact the winner via email. This giveaway has closed.

The Best Detox Broccoli Cheese Soup

4.9 from 77 reviews

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  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 30 minutes
  • Yield: 5 servings (2-ish cups each)
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This creamy, “cheesy”, detox broccoli cheese soup has silky smooth texture and classic broccoli cheese flavor with exactly zero ingredients out of a can. Real food meets comfort food.


  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 an onion, chopped
  • 1-2 stalks celery, chopped
  • 4-5 large carrots, chopped
  • 1 large potato, peeled and chopped
  • 2-3 cups broccoli florets, in large pieces for easy removal
  • 2-3 cups vegetable broth
  • 2 cups Almond Breeze Original Almondmilk
  • 1/4 cup nutritional yeast – optional, see notes
  • 1 1/2 – 2 teaspoons sea salt
  • croutons see notes


  1. Make Soup Base: Heat the olive oil over medium high heat. Add the mirepoix, garlic, and potatoes. Saute until softened, about 10 minutes.
  2. Add Broccoli: Add broccoli, vegetable broth, and almond milk. Simmer until bubbly and broccoli is bright green, about 5 minutes.
  3. Blend Blend Blend: Using tongs, pull out most of the broccoli pieces and set aside. Blend the soup, sans broccoli, to a suuuper creamy, cheesy-looking consistency, and then add the broccoli and just pulse a few times to mix it in. This will likely need to be done in batches. Return to pot; stir in nutritional yeast and salt. Taste and adjust and serve!


HERE’S HOW TO MAKE THE MOST AMAZING CROUTONS: Heat 1/4 cup olive oil (more as needed) in a skillet over medium high heat. Add a clove of smashed garlic and let it hang out (WITHOUT browning) for a few minutes. Remove garlic. Add cubed bread (about 6 thick slices cut into chunks) and toss around in the pan until golden brown and chewy/crispy. Drain on paper towels. Season with salt.

FYI, I’ve also casually thrown a spoonful of pesto in there for good measure – it was Level 900 Awesome. Just saying.

If the blended soup looks too thick for you, just add an additional 1/2 cup or so of liquid.

Nutritional yeast is not necessary for texture, but it adds a yummy, salty, cheesy flavor and some extra vitamins, too.

Nutrition doesn’t include croutons.

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Cheater’s Power Salad

Cheater's Power Salad - kale, cabbage, avocado, green onion, cilantro, black beans, crispy onions, tortilla strips, chicken, and BBQ ranch dressing, made from a salad mix! I KNOW. perfect for easy lunches! |

And then comes the part where I post a salad recipe using a bagged salad mix. Modern times have given us modern salad mixes, and I could not be more happy about it.

Friends, meet my Cheater’s Power Salad.

First, let me give you the perks of dis lil power salad.

  • Kale.
  • Cilantro.
  • Green onion.
  • Cabbage.
  • Shredded chicken (or your choice of protein).
  • Black beans.
  • Avocado.
  • Tortilla strips and crispy onions.
  • BBQ ranch dressing.

UM, YAH. Are you all over this or what? Because I AM ALL OVER THIS.

I’ve been having this salad for lunch, like, all of the days of the week. I tell everyone about it. I love talking to people about what they eat in real life, and spoiler: 99% of the time, what people tell me they eat in real life is so simple – grilled chicken, pastas, five ingredient recipes, crockpot soups, tacos and burritos and fried eggs and roasted veggies – that it always brings me back down from the world of glamourous-nutso-instagrammers who are trying to tell us that cordyceps are (or is? is it plural?) normal, and doesn’t everyone have that in their pantry? fridge? what do you even keep cordyceps in? don’t even get me started on ashwagandha.

You know I am passionate about good food, but I am BIG TIME PASSIONATE about good food that people (including myself) will actually make and eat.

So hi, Cheater’s Power Salad! Hello. Get right up in there.

Cheater's Power Salad - kale, cabbage, avocado, green onion, cilantro, black beans, crispy onions, tortilla strips, chicken, and BBQ ranch dressing, made from a salad mix! I KNOW. perfect for easy lunches! |

Okay. Now that we’ve established the deliciousness of this crunchy, nutritious, totally versatile power salad, let me give you the other perks.

  • Affordable.
  • Easy to shop for.
  • Easy to make throughout the week.
  • Zero prep time. Or maybe, like, five minutes. YOU CAN DO THIS.
  • No leftover salad ingredients hanging out in your fridge for six months afterwards. I’m looking at you, half-used head of red cabbage.

THANK YOU SALAD MIX. What is my life.

Dole Chopped Salad Kit |

But salad mix has a few buddies that are very necessary for taking this salad to the blog-worthy level.

Just let a simple can of black beans, and a fresh, buttery avocado do their thing, okay? It’s not a huge party. We don’t have to get complicated here.

Black Beans for Power Salad | pinchofyum.comAvocado for Power Salad |

And like that, a star is born.

A kale, cabbage, cilantro, green onion, black bean, avocado, chicken if you want (or maybe some quinoa), tortilla strip, crispy onion, BBQ ranch, full-blown STAR. God bless the simple power lunches of this world.

Cheater's Power Salad - kale, cabbage, avocado, green onion, cilantro, black beans, crispy onions, tortilla strips, chicken, and BBQ ranch dressing, made from a salad mix! I KNOW. perfect for easy lunches! |

Cheater’s Power Salad

4.9 from 11 reviews

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  • Yield: 2-4
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  • 1 bag southwestern salad mixDole Chopped BBQ Ranch Salad Kit is THE BEST. Hands down.
  • 1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 avocado, cubed
  • shredded chicken, quinoa, or other protein of choice


  1. Cook the chicken (or other protein). I like shredded chicken, so I usually opt for cooking one pound of chicken breasts in the Instant Pot (15 minutes) or slow cooker (3-4 hours) with a jar of salsa or some taco seasoning.
  2. Toss your salad ingredients together. YUM YUM YUM.


The salad mix I use has lots of cabbage, carrots, kale, cilantro, green onions, as well as crispy onions, tortilla strips, and BBQ Ranch dressing. A good salad mix (like this one) is very important for making this cheater’s salad worth your while. This is not an iceberg lettuce situation. It is fresh, nutritious veggies pre-chopped with some yummy extras to boot. Well done, Dole.

Chicken can be hot or cold – I’ve enjoyed it both ways in this salad! You can easily sub a different protein if you’re not into chicken. Nuts, sofritas tofu, or even just some cooked quinoa would be equally as delicious.

I don’t recommend making this all at once for one person – I just cook all of the chicken, keep it in the fridge, and then assemble salads throughout the week as I’m ready to eat them.

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Jakarta Restaurant 5 Columbus Fried Chicken

Jakarta Indonesia , we can buy Fried Chicken ,rice , chilly sauce , a cup of mineral water , only costs Rp.12.000 ( 1 USD and 22 Cents ) . the taste is so good .
Columbus Fried Chicken Mawar Merah Raya Street No : 41 B Malaka Jaya Duren Sawit East Jakarta phone ; 021 86616036 .

Special Thanks to :
Management Columbus Fried Chicken .
Bpk.Rangga Supervisor .
Bpk.Nur Iksan Kasir .
Bpk.Eman Kitchen .
Bpk.Hendry S whaiter.