Restaurant Owner Builds Custom Home

Beautiful Custom Home Built In Oklahoma

restaurant owner builds custom home in oklahoma

The successful restauranteur behind the success of a restaurant that served similar dishes as Hueys Restaurant has built a sprawling 5,000 square foot home in Edmond Oklahoma. The influence behind this beautiful piece of property came from visions of old French architecture, combined with the modern designs found in the custom homes in Malibu and the Hollywood Hills. We asked Scott how he went about locating the property, how he found the right custom home builder in Oklahoma, and what it took to build this massive home. Below is a brief snippet of our Q&A.

How Did You Come Across That Piece Of Real Estate?

“I contacted a realtor in Edmond, I knew that’s where I wanted to live so I started by seeking out the best local realtors and property developers. It was difficult at first navigating the internet for the right person, my time is precious to me and I don’t have time to waste. When I spoke to Metro First they seemed very competent, answered my calls on time, replied to emails, all around they were prompt with their communications. We ended up on a Skype video call to get some face to face because I was still living out of state at the time and couldn’t meet them in person. Trying to run my restaurant and build a custom home halfway across the country was a difficult task, but I was up to the challenge. Eventually, the team at Metro First located the property that I built on.”

How Long After The Property Was Purchased Did You Being To Build?

“Well, due to the rapid growth of the restaurant and possible expansion into neighboring cities I was forced to hold off on building the home. This was exciting and disappointing at the same time. It was exciting to see the restaurant expanding and gaining popularity within the community, and yet still disappointing to have to wait for construction to start. The best part about it I guess is that it gave my wife and I time to really read the blueprints over thoroughly and continue to customize the home to our liking. All in all, it took almost a year after the property was purchased to begin building our dream home.”

What Went Into Finding The Right Builder?

“It was very similar to finding the realtor, it began with a sequence of phone calls and emails. The company that was most responsive got the majority of our attention. Responsiveness was important, as were testimonials and pictures of finished homes. We really wanted to find a builder that paid close attention to detail and focused on the interior as much as the exterior. When French Construction submitted a proposal that included a video introduction and an awe-inspiring image gallery we knew they were the ones we wanted to go with.”

How Long Did It Take To Build?

“There were a few bumps in the road along the way, most were all fault. We changed our minds a few times on materials used and made mild adjustments along the way on the kitchen and master bedroom/bathroom. When you build a custom home, you realize that this is probably going to be the place you spend the remaining years you have and if you are going to do it, di it right! So those adjustments we made on the fly set the builders back, but they were cool with it, we paid for it.”

Are You Moved In Yet?

“My wife flew out and hired an interior decorator to help get the inside liveable. They have purchased furniture and decorative pieces, but we are not living there yet. We are still getting people in place at the restaurant to manage while we are gone and that has been a task in itself. After we have reliable people in management to take over for us we will make the permanent move into our new home. Oklahoma is where we will spend most of our time, but we will keep a condo in California for our visits out there to check on the restaurants and spend some of the winter months.”

Do You Plan On Opening A Restaurant In Oklahoma?

“Not at the moment, we will need to see how well we can manage the California locations from Oklahoma. If that distance begins to affect the growth of those locations then we may consider franchising those locations to another restauranteur and opening a chain of them out in Oklahoma.”

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